Enterprise Security

Unlike many consulting firms, OCS Inc. specializes in three distinct, connected areas: information security, regulatory compliance, and digital forensics and eDiscovery.

Our security solutions are designed to meet the needs of a dynamic security and compliance landscape. We deliver evaluation, remediation, and ongoing monitoring and management to ensure you maintain the most comprehensive security posture possible. Our consultants are certified, experienced professionals, and are available to assist clients in all aspects of the security and compliance lifecycle, from information security testing to compliance assessments in PCI, HIPAA and more.

OCS Inc. consultants strive to align our service offerings with your business objectives. As your business evolves, needs can arise that are out of your comfort zone or core competency. Instead of spending money on a quick-fix that may not resolve the underlying issues, enlist the help of a top information security consulting firm. OCS Inc. has the experience and the expertise to tackle any security or compliance situation, both long or short-term.

Our Information Security Consulting Services include:

•   Enterprise Solutions

•   Managed Security Services

•   Risk & Compliance

•   Forensics & eDiscovery

•   Vulnerability Scanning

•   Penetration Testing

•   Virtual Security & Compliance Consulting

•   Social Engineering

•   Web Application Assessment

•   HIPAA Risk Analysis

•   HIPAA Gap Analysis

•   PCI Assessments

•   PCI Readiness Review

Our technology experts have been providing quality IT solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for over 30 years and fully understand how to leverage and apply technology to today’s business environments.

Whether you need OCS Inc. to be an extension of your own IT department, or manage all your technology from start to finish, we're there 24/7!  To learn more, contact us today.