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Can you TRUST the IT contractor in your office?

Today, your typical IT professional has access to so much sensitive information. With everything going digital, most companies are at the mercy of the IT guy. If your office has credit card numbers, personnel information, patient data, legal documents or even just email addresses you might be at risk. Is your business protected? Did you know there are regulations that require you to take steps to protect your information such as PCI Compliance for credit cards and HIPAA for patient data?

When you hire an employee most businesses do their typical background checks and provide necessary training to be compliant. Too often however the IT contractor hired is overlooked.

At OCS Onsite we want to ease your worries. Every IT professional is extensively vetted before they enter your office. Our IT professionals have to pass a background check, personality assessment check, reference verification, driver license check, vehicle insurance check, work eligibility verification, verification of certification, HIPAA training and additional training if necessary.

Below is a checklist of what to ask for when hiring your next IT professional:


  • Criminal Background Check
  • HIPAA Certified (Required for healthcare industry or if will be exposed to patient data)
  • PCI Compliant (If dealing with Credit Card data)
  • Reference Verification
  • E & O Insurance Verification
  • Driver License Verification
  • Vehicle Insurance Verification
  • Eligibility to work in the US
  • Verify All Certifications
  • Personality Assessment

Or give OCS Onsite a call and you can check all of the above. Call 877-333-6532