Windows 10 Update 1703 Release April 2017 Breaks Eaglesoft 18

Urgent Warning if Using Eaglesoft 18 on Windows 10

Do not update to Windows 10 Update 1703 (also known as Creators Update or KB4015583) if you are using Eaglesoft version 18.

If your computer is set to automatic updates, it will automatically update to this version. How do you know if your Eaglesoft is being affected? Your login screen date will look like the one below:

Even after you set the date it seems to not take it correctly. The issue causes certain screens within Eaglesoft to appear garbled.

Patterson is reporting that this is a Microsoft Issue that appears to impact areas within Eaglesoft that were written in C++. Patterson Eaglesoft support is reporting that Microsoft will be issuing a hotfix within 60 days to address the issue.

We will keep you updated on the issue as we investigate further. If you need assistance rolling back the update or restoring, please feel free to call us.

For all our clients, we have taken steps to disallow the update from getting on your system. The update will not be installed automatically nor will it prompt you to install. If you believe you are experiencing this problem please call our support team promptly.

Information on the update from Microsoft:

Release Date April 12, 2017